I’m Grant J. Kidney. I’m an artist and entrepreneur originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. My goal is to help shape a better world through a combination of art, technology, and other expressive means.

In 2008 I launched the ‘Grant J. Kidney Revolution’, an experiment in the realm of dark satire. Fashioning what was essentially the role of an ultra-cynical mad man hell bent on establishing a global dictatorship, I had sought to become the Marilyn Manson or the Anton LaVey of the political world.

I self-published two books during this era. The first was called ‘The Final Victory’ and the second, ‘The Illumination: An Anthology of Truths’. Both works served as a type of ‘manifesto’, punctuating elements of the false dogma I had created for the Grant J. Kidney Revolution. These books are no longer available for purchase and only a handful of people now possess them.

In 2011 I abandoned all satirical pursuits and took up the mantle as an anti-establishment, alternative media investigator- one who beheld the gross level of social and economic injustice in the world. I redesigned my website from the ground up and began producing what later became hundreds of news articles, podcasts and YouTube videos- some of which are still available online.

As a journalist, I interviewed several big names including filmmaker Peter Joseph, futurist and industrial engineer, Jacque Fresco, author Federico Pistono, documentary filmmaker and producer Holland Van den Nieuwenhof, and aerospace engineer Douglas Mallette. My work received accolades from noteworthy figures ranging from author and Huffington Post contributor Mitch Feierstein, to Shaolin grand master Shi Xing Wu.

Around this time I also launched a freelance graphic design venture which has since undergone two name changes. As Chief Designer of Vril Studio, I have helped scores of clients achieve the right look and feel for their business through a wide range of print and digital means.

In 2013, I made the decision to temporarily abandon all efforts with my writing, podcasting, and videos because I didn’t witness much of a return on what had proved a huge investment of time. Instead, I took a job as a graphic designer working for a national media company and have been in this position ever since.

Update: For those who did enjoy my journalism, a new blog is in the works and will be revealed shortly.

On the side, I have been slowly working at developing my own brand under the guise of ‘Vril Companies’. This project includes the transformation of my freelance graphic design venture into a much larger operation, establishing a ‘holistic’ transportation company, building ‘microhomes’, and experimenting with various new technologies.

Some may find it strange that a person once so radical in their previously held anti-materialist mind set could find it possible to strike a balance between counter culture and the business world. But this is precisely what I have done- and it has made all the difference.

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Born: July 21st, 1986

Majored in: Visual Communications

Occupation: Graphic artist, entrepreneur

Companies owned:

Skills and know-how:

  • Adobe creative software
  • Web design
  • Sound design
  • Video editing
  • Content writing
  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Public relations
  • Public speaking
  • Business management