As CEO of Vril Companies, my job is to execute a vision of making the world a better place by affecting change through mediums such as wellness, design & technology.

Vril is the parent organization for what is now two distinct operations- Vril Studio and Vril Effect. Vril Studio has helped scores of clients achieve the right look and feel for their businesses through a range of print & digital means. Vril Effect is a health & wellness organization dedicated to healing and improving lives across the globe.



In 2015, I became a full time employee at Apple Inc. Before then, I designed advertisements for the parent company of USA Today. In late 2013, I began developing graphics and collateral for the Elon Musk inspired ‘Hyperloop Transportation Technologies’. Milestones achieved thus far have included the production of the group’s 76 page ‘crowdstorm’ whitepaper as well as the development of an official ‘working’ logo.



Before switching gears and entering a more business oriented phase of my life, I authored hundreds of politically based news & opinion pieces which were published directly to my personal website. I also conducted several big name interviews with figures including filmmaker Peter Joseph, futurist and industrial engineer, Jacque Fresco, author Federico Pistono, documentary filmmaker and producer Holland Van den Nieuwenhof, and aerospace engineer Douglas Mallette.

Long before speaking on serious political matters, I tried my hand in the realm of ‘dark satire’. In 2008, I launched the ‘Grant J. Kidney Revolution’, a psychological experiment which had attracted a large following on the now extinct social network, During this era I self-published two books which served as a type of manifesto, outlining core elements of the false dogma espoused by my online persona. After much introspection, I determined that the controversy generated from these satirical pursuits really wasn’t worth losing a more reputable future over.



Aside from growing my existing operations, I would like to someday explore additional pursuits- provided of course that the success I plan on achieving lends the capital necessary for such expansion.