Black Lives Matter ‘protesters’ are actually committing sedition against the United States

Black Lives Matter ‘protesters’ are actually committing sedition against the United States

Grant J. Kidney, September 23, 2016-

The so called ‘protests’ in Charlotte after the shooting of Keith Lamont Scott demonstrated yet again the animal-like nature of Black Lives Matter activists.

Charlotte- like Milwaukee, Ferguson and Baltimore before it- was turned inside out and upside down in the resultant aftermath of Scott’s killing by police.

‘Protesters’ overturned cars, beat up innocent white bystanders, knocked reporters to the ground and even tried throwing a photojournalist into an open fire.

Watch as CNN reporter Ed Lavandera is assaulted live on air.

The riots became so bad that the governor of North Carolina had no other choice but to call in the National Guard. Some even compared the violence to that of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

What was most disturbing however was how the mainstream media portrayed rioters in Charlotte as ‘sweet’, ‘peaceful’ people who wanted only to vent ‘concern’ over the shooting of Keith Lamont Scott.

Here’s MSNBC host Rachel Maddow deliberately softening the violence of Charlotte’s rioters.

What Maddow and the rest of the mainstream media doesn’t quite grip is that Charlotte was by no means an example of ‘peaceful protest’. Rather, what Charlotte truly represented was ‘insurrection’ against the United States.

Does this look like a ‘protest’ to you?







‘Insurrection’ is defined as a ‘violent uprising’ against authorities. What was witnessed in Charlotte as well as in every other city where similar events took place most assuredly counts as insurrection against the United States.

There are laws on the books which make it so that insurrection is a constitutionally punishable offense. Even our first President, George Washington, suppressed what was known as the ‘Whiskey rebellion’ during his tenure in office.

If enforced, the ‘Insurrection Act’ of 1807 could effectively end violent uprisings such as what we see in Charlotte and in other cities across the United States. The question then becomes, why hasn’t President Obama used his executive authority to quell such carnage?

Make no mistake about it- if the protesters in Charlotte were predominantly White, Obama wouldn’t think twice before sending in the troops to restore peace and order.

Black Lives Matter is a racially motivated organization beyond a shadow of any doubt. But statistics are clear- more blacks are killed by other blacks than by police. Hell, more blacks are killed by diabetes than by police!

The real force though behind Obama’s inaction is George Soros, who’s ‘Open Society’ publicly funds Black Lives Matter. Obama is undeniably in cahoots with the organization and has even had lunch with its founder.

Black Lives Matter is a terrorist organization which is guilty of sedition. As such, it ought to be physically disbanded and its leaders tried for treason. Don’t expect such resolve though from the current sitting President or from Hillary Clinton who also is a known Soros pawn.

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