Here’s EXACTLY what will happen if President Trump is impeached

Here’s EXACTLY what will happen if President Trump is impeached

Grant J. Kidney, July 17, 2017-

So what IF President Trump is impeached?

What IF the Don Jr. email scandal is enough to prematurely end Trump’s tenure in office?

One thing is for certain- if Democrats DO succeed in impeaching Donald Trump, there will be civil war such as this country could not have possibly imagined.

We the American people put Donald Trump in office to restore our Republic. Trump is a real ‘wild card’, and a huge thorn in the side of the globalists. The establishment HATES Trump because he is totally authentic and totally sincere in his promises to ‘Make America Great Again’.

And while the Fake News media persistently yammers about ‘collusion’ between Trump and the Russian government, real progress is being made such as the restoring of jobs to our country, the locking up of deadly MS-13 gang members, a diminution of ISIS in the Middle East and a huge reduction in border crossings that would not have been cut beneath a Hillary Clinton presidency.

BUT… If Donald Trump is indeed impeached, here is the sequential order of events that I perceive taking shape in the immediate aftermath of what will truly be an historic ruling for our country.

1. Trump’s biggest supporters will take to social media and organize an immediate ‘sit in’ in our nation’s capital.

Alex Jones of Infowars will surely be on the front lines of the anti-impeachment protests.

2. Top Democrats will laud Trump’s removal from office and subtly encourage street violence against peaceful Trump supporters.

3. Violent, Antifa thugs will crawl out of the woodwork, joined hand in hand together with Black Lives Matter and other militant, anti-Trump groups to stage counter-demonstrations across the country.

Antifa thugs will celebrate the moment Trump is removed from office.

4. President Trump strikes back on Twitter, calling his impeachment ‘HIGHLY ILLEGAL’.

5. Antifa will riot, break windows, overturn cars and light buildings aflame. The carnage will get so intense that local economies will come grinding to a halt as state National Guardsman are called on to suppress the violence.

Antifa will no doubt get out of control and destroy public property.

6. Trump supporters, fed up with Antifa’s terrorizing of local communities, will strike back with equal force. Its at this point that someone’s going to get killed.

Trump supporters will fight back against Antifa violence because it will only be right to do so.

7. The Fake News media will only cover actions by Donald Trump supporters in the resultant demonstrations across the country in effort to cast Trump and his loyalists as ‘Neo confederates’ and ‘racists’.

The Fake News media has been framing Trump supporters as violent extremists since BEFORE the election.

8. The first bullet in America’s second civil war has been fired. Black Lives Matter begins invading White suburbs, dragging White families out of their homes by the hair and curb-stomping White children in what will be deemed ‘the Great Death’.

9. The stock market completely tanks. Now President Mike Pence speaks to the nation in attempt to calm fears of total collapse.

10. White patriots, now fighting on the side of ‘Old America’, will strike back at black communities, marching in to all black neighborhoods in retaliation for ‘the Great Death’ atrocity.

Militancy will be rampant in the wake of Trump’s impeachment. Self defense will be paramount.

11. Many will take refuge in the hills and in rural communities. The safest locations in the United States will be out West (Montana, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming and etc.).

12. Entire neighborhoods will be lit ablaze. Scavengers will desperately prowl dense, urban landscapes looking for their next meal.

13. The U.S. government is shut down. A national state of emergency is declared as the Pentagon prepares to revoke the Constitution and institute military rule.

Democrats must WANT martial law with the level of violence they are pushing in the Fake News media.

We can only hope that cooler heads prevail. We can only hope that Democrats and the Fake News media begin recognizing the untold carnage that could result if President Trump is removed from office.

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