Minorities are buying a whole lot of guns in the wake of Trump’s victory

Minorities are buying a whole lot of guns in the wake of Trump’s victory

Grant J. Kidney, November 24, 2016-

Minorities are buying up weapons at a record pace in the wake of Donald Trump’s November 8th victory.

Convinced that Trump will steal all their rights away, blacks, Latinos and other racial groups are seemingly preparing for violent encounters with white Trump voters all thanks to media influence which suggests that Trump is the new Adolf Hitler.

Preparing for war? Minorities are buying up guns quick in the wake of Trump’s victory.

Gun shop owners told NBC News that they’re witnessing a four-fold increase in the number of minorities walking through their doors ever since the election on November 8th.

The media has in recent times stoked a false narrative which suggests that hate crimes against minorities have sharply increased ever since Trump’s victory. The actual truth though is that it is Trump’s supporters who’ve received the harsh beatings and other forms of hateful treatment at the hands of unruly, anti-democratic, ‘Not My President’ street vermin.

The Daily Caller has put together an extraordinary list of real, substantiated and underreported hate crimes against Donald Trump supporters. Check it out here. 

Whilst the notion of minorities buying more guns would normally be seen as a healthy indicator of ‘Constitutional culture’s’ reach into non-White sectors of the American population, in this particular scenario, it could be suggested that what minorities are really planing on is civil war with white America whom they’ve been taught to both hate and fear with a passion.

Here’s a very excellent clip of an angry black man explaining why his people would lose in all out race war with White people.

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