Transit officials say its ‘racist’ to show criminals on surveillance video

Transit officials say its ‘racist’ to show criminals on surveillance video

Grant J. Kidney, July 13, 2017-

San Francisco transit authorities will now no longer show footage of criminals caught on surveillance video because many of the perpetrators are ‘people of color’.

City officials say that releasing footage of criminals caught in the act would ‘create a racial bias’ in the media.

Recently, riders of San Francisco’s mass transit systems have become victims of unfortunate muggings and severe beatings by criminal rats armed with knives and other weapons.

WND reports on a couple of incidents which have occurred:

“A woman had her phone snatched June 30 in a swarming attack by “about a dozen teenagers,” who got off the train at the Coliseum stop. Two days before, four teens took a cellphone from a passenger they attacked at the Dublin station. On April 22, 40-60 teens boarded the train at the Coliseum station and robbed seven passengers and beat up two.”

Here’s a report from April detailing the violent crime epidemic in San Francisco’s transit system.

Authorities are never too quick to call violent incidents such as what have occurred recently in San Francisco as ‘Black on White crime’. Instead, we’re forced to side with suspects, all simply due to the fact that they’re black.

It would be interesting to someday watch as thugs attempt to mug or beat an armed rider of San Fran’s mass transit system. Of course though since there will no longer be surveillance footage released, we’ll just all have to use our imaginations as to how the event ultimately played out.

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