100% proof NY Times ‘Anonymous’ Op-Ed is FAKE NEWS

100% proof NY Times ‘Anonymous’ Op-Ed is FAKE NEWS

Grant J. Kidney, September 7, 2018-

The failing fake news media never ceases in attempts to undermine the legitimate Presidency of Donald J. Trump.

Take the recent New York Times ‘anonymous source’ op-ed. In what is being called a ‘bombshell’ report, a so called ‘resister’ inside Trump’s White House admits to active sabotage of the President’s agenda.

The op-ed continues to lay out how senior White House officials supposedly concocted plans to oust President Trump under rare 25th amendment proceedings.

In the past, we have seen fake news outlets such as CNN retract stories that ultimately were proven to be incorrect. It is my sneaking suspicion that the same will be true of the infamous New York Times op-ed.

However, let us consider for a moment that the report is true- that a mole actually exists inside the White House and is subverting Trump’s agenda against the best wishes of the American people.

We know that various laws are on the books pertaining to the subject of treason. In fact, under current U.S. law, the penalty for high treason is DEATH.

In America’s distant past, President George Washington actually had people killed for working to undermine the Republic of the United States.

The question now remains, will President Trump exercise similar authority in putting to death the treasonous rat inside of his own administration?

In the following live broadcast, I outline specifically why the New York Times op-ed is FAKE NEWS. But I also explore the possibility that the story is true, and what the President can ultimately do to rectify the damning situation.

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