400% more black businesses under Trump than Obama

400% more black businesses under Trump than Obama

Grant J. Kidney, August 24, 2018-

President Trump’s policies have produced enormous results for the black community insofar as jobs and opportunity are concerned.

According to a new survey, there are now 400% more black business owners under Trump than there were during the Obama regime.

Several infographics included in the aforementioned report highlight many astounding facts pertaining to black business in America.

Earlier this week, a Rasmussen report indicated that nearly 40% of black voters support Donald Trump.

Under the economically oppressive Obama regime, black people were terrified over the prospect of opening businesses. In Republican circles, Obama was branded the ‘food stamp President’ due to regressive, Democrat policies which favored lack of work over the concept of working hard.

In what is a true twist of fate to the left-leaning liberal lunatic, Donald Trump has done more for black people than any other President in American history.

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