ACLU pumps millions into anti Trump movement

ACLU pumps millions into anti Trump movement

Grant J. Kidney, January 7, 2018-

The American Civil Liberties Union is pumping nearly $25 million into anti-Trump, anti-Republican causes prior to the 2018 midterm elections. 

The ACLU intends to stop President Trump’s agenda by casting a sea change in Washington where an overwhelming majority of Democrats are elected in November of this year.

Since Trump’s election in 2016, the ACLU has been gifted with almost $100 million in donations to fight the President on virtually every front, including on issues like health care, taxes and immigration.

Last year, the largely anti-American ACLU provided ‘escape routes’ to millions of illegal immigrants through ‘educational’ materials designed to aid in the circumvention of U.S. immigration law.

The ACLU is already spending $5 million on a measure that will allow approximately 2 million convicted felons to vote in the upcoming midterm elections. One has to ask, which party will convicted felons overwhelmingly cast votes for in November? If you said ‘Republicans’, you’re due for a lobotomy at the local nut clinic.

Most of the ACLU’s committed blood money that is being spent on the midterm elections will go toward advertising on television and on social media. But with an army of unpaid,  MAGA Americans ready to counter paid propaganda from the ACLU and other anti-Trump organizations, it is a sure bet that Republicans have a fighting chance at maintaining their seats in the upcoming midterms.

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