ACLU transgender ‘bathroom ad’ demands that you ‘pee with LGBT’

ACLU transgender ‘bathroom ad’ demands that you ‘pee with LGBT’

Grant J. Kidney, February 22, 2017-

The ACLU of Texas wants to force you to ‘pee with LGBT’.

In a new advert appearing across television stations in the Lone Star state, the case is being made for ‘transgender rights’ in the wake of proposed legislation which would disallow men and women from using bathrooms other than those corresponding to their biological sex.

The ad, entitled, ‘Taking a Seat, Making a Stand’, features actors pretending to be Texas residents who are concerned with new laws that would ‘discriminate’ against transgenders who merely ‘wish to use restrooms of their choice’.

Watch the insanity below.

The NFL, the NBA and several large business entities have all come out against Texas’ proposed law, threatening to pull out of the state all together if the bathroom bill passes the legislature.

Despite threats however made against the state, Texas governor Greg Abbott has remained steadfast in his support for the bill, stating that proponents of the new law ‘don’t care’ what the NFL or other big institutions have to say in regards to Texas’ internal, governmental affairs.

Before 2012, transgenderism was considered a ‘mental disorder’ by the America Psychiatric Association.

In 2014, North Carolina proposed similar legislation to what is now up for debate in Texas. Equally similar were the idle threats made by very big companies which universally declared that they’d each pull the plug on operations within the state if such ‘discriminatory’ and ‘anti-LGBT’ legislation were to pass.

PayPal was among many companies which threatened to cease operations in North Carolina over the state’s transgender bathroom law. Hypocritically however, PayPal does business all throughout the Muslim world where homosexuals are punished by death and women are disallowed from operating motor vehicles.

Recently, the Trump administration signaled that it would reverse Obama era policies on transgender bathroom use. White House press secretary, Sean Spicer, told reporters that the administration is planning to let state’s individually decide on such legislation.

Next month, the Supreme Court is scheduled to rule on whether the federal government should have any involvement whatsoever in the issue of transgender bathroom use.

Expect more debate to proliferate in the time leading up to the Court’s decision.

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