Amazon workers pee in bottles and live on food stamps

Amazon workers pee in bottles and live on food stamps

Grant J. Kidney, August 27, 2018-

Thousands of Amazon workers are collecting food stamps because they’re not paid enough money to eat.

According to Business Insider:

A number of Amazon employees in at least five states are on food stamps, or the SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program).

That’s according to data obtained by nonprofit New Food Economyfrom state governments in the US. New Food was able to get data from five states: Arizona, Kansas, Ohio, Washington, and Pennsylvania.

The New Food Economy reports nearly one in three Amazon employees — 1,800 people — in Arizona were on food stamps or lived with someone who was in 2017. In Pennsylvania, one in 10 Amazon employees — more than 1,000 — were on food stamps.

Amazon is infamous for operating slave-like sweat shops in America, with many factory workers experiencing great illness and fatigue. In some cases, Amazon cuts American workers in favor of illegal immigrants who perform the very same labor, but for pennies on the dollar.

In a truly shocking report from April, many Amazon workers were said to urinate in bottles because they were afraid to take unwarranted bathroom breaks.

Here’s an eye-opening NBC news report detailing some of the brutal working conditions for Amazon workers.

President Trump has specifically called out Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos for utilizing unfair business practices as well as for inciting left wing bias through control of the Washington Post.

Trump is joined by an unlikely ally in Bernie Sanders, who also recognizes the Amazon-Bezos empire as an out of control monopoly.

Recently, Jeff Bezos became the richest human in history, having surpassed a net worth of well over $150,000,000,000.

The question remains, should Trump work to break up Amazon in order to promote competition in a truly free-market sense?

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