Army now lets transgender men shower with women

Army now lets transgender men shower with women

Grant J. Kidney, July 13, 2017-

Despite orders from Secretary of Defense, James Mattis, The U.S. military is continuing Obama era policies which allows transgender men to shower with women.

Troops are also instructed not to ‘gossip’ about male soldiers who suddenly identify as members of the opposite sex.

Here’s a snippet from Army guidelines detailing the deranged new policies.

“Social interactions and developing friendships with peers are what contribute to a positive work environment,” Army training states. “Maintain an inclusive environment and do not gossip. In accordance with good order and discipline, do not ask a colleague or subordinate for their personal information unless it is mission related.”

“This includes information about a Soldier’s gender identity, sexuality, medical challenges, and/or gender transition.”

Also according to Army guidelines, all that is required in order for men to shower with women is a proper medical diagnosis from a doctor. A soldier needn’t have undergone transgender surgery to qualify.

How does the notion of transgender soldiers make America look ‘tough’?

Army training also discusses soldiers named ‘Eric’ who suddenly wish to be called ‘Erica’, or members named ‘Tony’ who now want to be called ‘Tanya’.

Here’s a twisted scenario from the Army’s ‘transgender handbook’ which revolves around a ‘Lieutenant Marty’.

“Lieutenant Marty changed his gender marker in the Service personnel data system from female to male after completing an approved transition plan. Lieutenant Marty has not had sex reassignment surgery as part of the transition plan and is working with his [military medical provider] MMP on a plan to start a family. Lieutenant Marty approached his commanding officer a few weeks ago and mentioned he was pregnant.”

“Be aware that colleagues may find this situation confusing,” the Army handbook warns.

Earlier this year, President Trump rolled back Obama era policies governing transgender restrooms in public schools. So far, no word yet as to whether official roll-backs of Army transgender policies are in the works.


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