Black man fakes hate crime, blames ‘White America’

Black man fakes hate crime, blames ‘White America’

Grant J. Kidney, April 10, 2017-

An Asian supermarket in South Carolina was set on fire and had its windows smashed out by a black suspect who was caught on camera.

This event didn’t shape up to be the average arson case. Investigators also found a rock with an attached note threatening to TORTURE the business owner if he didn’t ‘go back to where he came from’. The note was signed, ‘White America’.

Kamal Dhimal, the Asian grocer in question, is a LEGAL immigrant who came to the United States seeking a better life. “Too many people have helped me, and I gotta be strong to continue doing business in this country,” Dhimal told reporters.

The suspect is a black male with a goatee, approximately 5’8″ and weighing 200lbs.

This wouldn’t be the first incident when a minority staged a hate crime to blame on White people.

Ever since the election of Donald Trump, hate crime hoaxes have sharply increased.

Just recently it was revealed that a Jewish man was responsible for a majority of bomb threats made to synagogues across the country. And let us not forget the case of a hijab-wearing Muslim woman who falsely claimed that she was attack by Donald Trump supporters in New York City.

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