Black professor: Trump is a ‘demonic gangster’

Black professor: Trump is a ‘demonic gangster’

Grant J. Kidney, August 24, 2018-

During an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, left wing professor Cornell West called President Trump a ‘demonic gangster’.

What Cornell doesn’t seem to grasp is that many on the Right believe God to be on the side of Donald Trump, aiding in the President’s quest to destroy the wicked Deep State.

Liberals are solid in their assumption that Trump is a truly evil man because they listen to such drivel as espoused by Cornell West.

As a black man who is obsessed with racial politics and identity, I wonder what Cornell has to say about the fact that nearly 40% of black voters now support Donald Trump? I’d equally love to hear from Cornell as to why it’s so evil that there are now 400% more black businesses under Trump than there were beneath the economically oppressive Obama administration.

Cornell West is a disease.

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