Buchanan: new civil war coming soon

Buchanan: new civil war coming soon

Grant J. Kidney, June 14, 2017-

Liberal democrats in Washington are doing their very best to instigate civil war in America.

We the people voted in Donald Trump to make sweeping changes in our country. But due to obstruction of the people’s will through endless hearings on supposed Russian collusion, tensions are flaring and the people have had enough.

In a recent column by Pat Buchanan, the question is asked, are we nearing civil war in America?

“Not in memory have there been so many leaks to injure a president from within his own government, and not just political leaks, but leaks of confidential, classified and secret documents. The leaks are coming out of the supposedly secure investigative and intelligence agencies of the U.S. government.” -Pat Buchanan 

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