California Dem forced lobbyist to watch him masturbate

California Dem forced lobbyist to watch him masturbate

Grant J. Kidney, December 4, 2017-

Democratic Assemblyman, Matt Dababneh, has been accused of forcing a female lobbyist into a bathroom and demanding that she watch him masturbate.

The lobbyist, Sacramento’s Pamela Lopez, said that Dababneh wanted her to touch his genitals as he masturbated in full on view.

Dababneh denies the salacious ordeal ever took place. “These events did not happen,” said a lawyer for the Democratic assemblyman.

Lopez publicly identified Dababneh at a news conference held Monday.

Accusations against Dababneh come just after several other California officials have been accused of sexual misconduct. Fellow Democrat Assemblyman, Raul Bocanegra, resigned his post after numerous women came forward with tales of unwarranted sexual advances on part of the California official. Democrat State Senator, Tony Mendoza, was also accused of misconduct, and has since been ejected from various leadership roles.

In a broader scope, sexual harassment claims have gripped more than just the liberal state of California in recent days. Major political, and otherwise well known media personalities have come under intense fire as of late, including such figures as Matt Lauer, Senator Al Franken, Congressman John Conyers, Louis CK, Kevin Spacey, Charlie Sheen, George Takei and Harvey Weinstein.

Interestingly enough, it would appear as though there is a common theme among many of the accused harassers: they’re all Democrats and haters of President Trump.

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