Civil disobedience planned against social media bias

Civil disobedience planned against social media bias

Grant J. Kidney, September 8, 2018-

On September 5th, heads of the major tech platforms arrived in Washington where they were grilled on the subject of social media bias against conservatives.

One day later, right-leaning Infowars host, Alex Jones, was permanently scrubbed from Twitter. As of late last night, Apple has also removed the official Infowars app from their App Store.

Silicon Valley continues to tout the lie that there is no censorship of conservatives, even after President Trump has issued several warning shots, as well as having directed the Department of Justice to investigate social media bias.

It is clear that Apple, Google, Facebook and Twitter are unscathed by official calls from the government to stop silencing conservative thought. And if the tech mafia is unafraid of the government, then they couldn’t care less about conservative outcry on the Internet.

The fact is, there is really only one way to stop big tech censorship of conservatives.

During the Civil Rights era, black people lined the streets, staged sit-ins and engaged in peaceful, civil disobedience until their voices were heard and their rights were won.

In the following live broadcast, I outline how conservatives need to get up off of their asses and engage in legal street action against the big tech companies.

And just as Civil Rights black people resisted until police fired water cannons at them, so to must conservatives remain firm in their peaceful, street rebellion against the major tech platforms.

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