CNN rapidly losing viewers, network about to collapse

CNN rapidly losing viewers, network about to collapse

Grant J. Kidney, July 9, 2017-

Loyalists to the President are engaged in an all out meme war with CNN, the king of fake news.

We know that the first meme war of 2016 saw the election of Donald J. Trump and the defeat of the crooked globalist candidate, Hillary Rotten Clinton.

According to recent data, people just aren’t watching CNN. In fact, old re-runs of children’s cartoons are performing better than CNN right now insofar as ratings are concerned.

Is it possible that CNN will collapse before the end of 2017? Or is it more realistic to give the network at least another couple of years?

The New American writes:

CNN appears to be imploding. The self-induced implosion — brought on by creating fake news, being shown on hidden camera admitting that it’s fake news, and threatening to reveal the identity of a redditor who made a video meme showing President Trump punching CNN in the face — has taken a toll on ratings and may soon take a toll on advertising revenues.

While reeling from a series of Project Veritas videos showing CNN producers and commentators admitting that CNN’s reports on alleged connections and collusion between Trump and Russia are “bulls**t,” the whole Russia thing “is just a big nothingburger,” and that CNN practices selective editing to promote a false narrative to American voters who are “stupid as s**t,” the liberal news network made a decision that shows a real disconnect from reality.

On Sunday, President Trump shared the video meme. It was an edited version of a clip from WrestleMania 23 in 2007 when Trump fought WWE CEO Vince McMahon during a “Battle of the Billionaires” match. In that match, Trump slammed McMahon to the floor and punched him in the face. A user on the social news aggregation site Reddit edited the video by superimposing the CNN logo over McMahon’s face so the clip showed Trump “taking down fake news.” When Trump shared the meme — which the White House says the president did not get from Reddit — on Twitter, it went viral.

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