Communist China announces plan to control U.S. Internet

Communist China announces plan to control U.S. Internet

Grant J. Kidney, August 22, 2018-

Dictator-President Xi of China has just announced frightening new plans to further tighten restrictions on the Internet in his country.

At a recent Chinese government sanctioned event, President Xi declared that the Internet must now represent what the Communist leader called a “clean and righteous” digital landscape.

According to Reuters, the Chinese government plans to crack down on vulgar and pornographic content as well as the ‘unauthorized dissemination of news’.

Here’s a short video showcasing the already existent Chinese Internet censorship grid that is being replicated in the United States.

In the United States, shadowy globalist think tanks such as the Atlantic Council are now working with Facebook to purge all accounts believed to be publishing ‘fake news’.

Only a month ago, reports broke of how Google is building a highly restricted search engine for China that conforms to the Communist nation’s laws and regulations pertaining to cyberspace communications.

Other terrifying developments unfolding in tandem between the United States and China are pushes by Democrat politicians to ‘nationalize’ the Internet, thereby granting the State unwavering authority to ban or censor whomever they please.

Already in the United States, major conservative voices are being squashed in efforts to influence the public against voting Republican.

Alex Jones, Gavin McInnes, the Proud Boys and other popular conservative accounts have been wiped out by Orwellian censorship campaigns on part of the big tech companies.

There is major evidence that China intends to control the United States through covert means, including working with Google to build a global search engine that conforms to Chinese style censorship regulations.

China already owns a large portion of American media, and there are significant findings of Chinese money having been funneled into the pockets of many Democrat politicians.

Along with news of Senator Dianne Feinstein having worked alongside a notorious Chinese spy, it would appear that China has since launched a full scale invasion of the United States- and the battle for control of the Internet is where such a war is being made manifest.

The question remains, how do ordinary citizens fight back against an ever encroaching destruction of their liberties online?

The good news is that some activists have already called for a ‘digital bill of rights’ to be constructed which grants citizens the right to free speech across virtually every major platform on the web.

Democrats, along with their Communist Chinese friends, would absolutely detest such a move, and would no doubt finance huge efforts against the push for freedom online.

Now, more than ever, is the perfect moment to call your congress men and women and to demand that the Internet remain free from totalitarian, Chinese control.

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