Crooked Chelsea Clinton: “I may run for President”

Crooked Chelsea Clinton: “I may run for President”

Grant J. Kidney, August 20, 2018-

Chelsea Clinton says that she may run for President sometime in the near future.

During an international book event in the United Kingdom, Clinton said that she ‘abhorred’ the Trump presidency, and that ultimately, she may transition into the world of politics.

Regarding Trump’s immigration policies, Clinton called the issue of ‘family separation’ at the border the ‘greatest sin’ of our generation.

Chelsea Clinton is far from ‘clean’ insofar as her public track record is concerned- and a run for office will only highlight the sort of massive corruption that is engaged in by both her mother and her father.

For instance, why did NBC pay Chelsea Clinton over $600,000 per year for no real reason other than being daughter to Bill and Hillary?

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