Democrats to END Second Amendment after Las Vegas shooting

Democrats to END Second Amendment after Las Vegas shooting

Grant J. Kidney, October 3, 2017-

Sen. Diane Feinstein is famous for suggesting that a total, nation-wide gun ban is possible in the United States. And while some may doubt the possibility of a door-to-door gun confiscation program existing in America, rest assured that the very globalist forces which stripped firearms from virtually all other nations are attempting to do the same in Washington.

As with all major terror attacks, restrictive gun control legislation is almost always floated by liberal, Democrat politicians in the immediate aftermath of any given event. Democrats WANT America’s guns and they won’t stop until they get a hold of each and every one.

The recent mass shooting in Las Vegas is no different from previous attacks in that Democrats have turned up the high heat on their anti-gun rhetoric. However, considering the massive violence spilling out into the streets of America- and with calls from Antifa to wage a second U.S. civil war- now, more than ever, is a good time to be cautious of our freedoms and to take a stand with every last breath.

I elaborate much more in the latest edition of The Grant J. Kidney Show.

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