‘Diverse cast’ in Rogue One should make you want to join the ‘Empire’

‘Diverse cast’ in Rogue One should make you want to join the ‘Empire’

Grant J. Kidney, December 18, 2016-

Star Wars Rogue One is a stellar movie with lots of amazing effects. But Disney’s push of a more and more ‘diverse’ cast should have some audiences concerned over the direction into which the beloved franchise is heading.

In Rogue One, a team of diverse heroes lead the charge against the evil galactic empire which Star Wars writers have actually equated with white supremacy and with Donald Trump.

It’s not that having a diverse cast is a bad thing. But what is bad is the deliberate shoving of diversity down every single person’s throat.

In Star Wars Episode 7, a female character was cast as the tale’s main hero. Now with Rogue One, yet again, another female character has taken the lead.

Agenda much?

I have no problem with female actors. What I do have a problem with though is rehashing the same template used for the last movie and working overtime to ensure that a strong, male lead is not in charge.

On the subject of the male actors in Rogue One, did anyone else notice how thin and feminine each of these characters appeared? It was as though they deliberately cast the most malnourished of Hollywood stars to represent manhood in this new Star Wars film.

Here’s one of the aforementioned males in Rogue One played by the skinny Mexican actor Diego Luna. Watch as this guy talks trash on President Donald Trump.

When the writers of Star Wars Rogue One declared open jihad on Donald Trump and his supporters, it became abundantly clear to some that boycotting Star Wars was the best approach in tackling all the reverse-racism that Disney proliferated in the wake of their take-over of the hugely successful film franchise.

But instead of boycotting, I decided to more and more align with the Dark Side (which I already found much more fascinating to begin with).

For the record- the Dark Side has always had better looking costumes, better dialogue, and crisper aesthetics than what is on display with the dirty, scruffy rebels of the light side.

Disney pushing Donald Trump supporters away from their franchise should have the opposite effect. It should turn you more and more to the characters in Star Wars who we’ve been told represent the good people of the alt-right.

Star Wars can go completely ‘gay’ for all I care. But just so long as the bad dudes maintain the aforementioned aesthetics, then I’ll continue forking over money to the franchise in the hope of getting to watch as the film’s heroes and rebels get PULVERIZED to dust.


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