Donald and Melania Trump won’t bow to Saudi officials

Donald and Melania Trump won’t bow to Saudi officials

Grant J. Kidney, May 20, 2017-

Trump begins his tour of the Middle East with a stop in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Joining the Donald will be his beautiful wife, Melania, who came out recently saying that she will not wear Islamic head-gear during the visit.

It is customary for female officials or spouses of officials to wear traditional Islamic garb when stepping foot in Iran, Saudi Arabia and other Muslim nations.

Here’s a picture of female members of Sweden’s government caving to the dictates of Iran’s Islamic leadership.

Aside from female dress requirements, it is also customary for government officials visiting Saudi Arabia to bow and kiss the ring of ‘royal’ officialdom.

Here’s former President Obama demonstrating the cowardly practice.

With Melania’s decision not to wear traditional Islamic head gear during her and her husband’s visit to Saudi Arabia, its a sure bet that Donald will also refuse to uphold the aforementioned ‘kissing of the ring’; an act which perfectly sums up the weakness of Obama’s presidency.

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