Facebook bans conservative for speaking out on Islam

Facebook bans conservative for speaking out on Islam

Grant J. Kidney, May 8, 2017-

Facebook deleted me again for thirty days all for cracking a joke about Islam.

The post in question was one wherein I did a humorous acronym of the word ‘ISLAM’ which I said stands for ‘I Seriously Loathe Asshole Muslims’.

This isn’t the first time Facebook blocked me for supposed ‘hate speech’. In the past, I have been blocked numerous other times- including two recent thirty day blocks- all for expressing opinions on transgenders, social justice warriors and other leftist ‘tards’ actively working against the best interests of Western civilization.

After my last thirty day block, I told my Facebook audience that I am seriously going to pursue legal action against the social media giant.

Facebook and Twitter like to play this game where they say that because they’re ‘private entities’, they can block or ban whosoever they choose. Therefore, according to Facebook and Twitter, it doesn’t count as classical ‘censorship’.

Facebook has literally terrorized my mind- and the last time I checked, psychological abuse is still grounds for a lawsuit.

Next step is finding a good lawyer who’ll handle my case. If I win, I’m using the money to bolster my operation.

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