Facebook bans women for calling men ‘ugly’ and ‘scum’

Facebook bans women for calling men ‘ugly’ and ‘scum’

Grant J. Kidney, December 5, 2017-

Facebook is enforcing a new rule which bans women for calling men ‘ugly’, ‘scum’ and various other derogatory adjectives.

Feminists were quick to criticize the company’s new policy which they see as ‘protecting men’ by removing posts that disparage an entire gender.

This is where it gets good…

In response to Facebook’s new policy, a group of over 500 female comedians and activists took to their own personal accounts, writing variations of the phrase, ‘men are scum’. Nearly every user was blocked, banned or had posts removed by the company. 😂

Left wing, female ‘comedian’, Kayla Avery, recently created a website called ‘Facebook Jailed’ which recounts experiences of being blocked on Facebook for actively hating on men.

In one instance, Avery wrote on Facebook that, ‘men continue to be the worst’ only to have said post removed by the company.

‘Facebook is absolutely silencing women,’ Avery told The Daily Beast.

Facebook claims it is currently seeking better ways to enforce ‘hate speech’ regulations after much outcry from forces on the Left as well as from the Right regarding censorship on the platform.

Years ago, Facebook was caught red-handed blocking conservative news sources from appearing in its ‘trending’ section. The company claimed innocence, and said it would discover new ways in which to better deliver a diverse range of news and commentary.

This is an author who has been repeatedly banned from Facebook for expressing various, unpopular opinions that do not jive with the governing principles of the social network.

In a way, feminists being blocked on Facebook for hating on men is a bit of delicious irony after all of the censorship that I personally have experienced while operating on the platform.

Ideally, Facebook should stop censoring all together and let every opinion- whether popular or not- be uttered and contested in the open marketplace of ideas.

At least now there are alternatives to Facebook and Twitter which respect the fundamental freedoms of expression regardless of political affiliation. Gab is one such network, despite being criticized by the Left as constituting a haven of ‘White supremacy’.

Wouldn’t it be unique if feminists and various other left-wing social media users decided to flock to Gab in droves after bitching about Facebook’s censorship against them?

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