Flashback: John McCain supported Nazis and ISIS

Flashback: John McCain supported Nazis and ISIS

Grant J. Kidney, August 26, 2018-

John McCain is dead, but the late Senator has left behind an extraordinary track record of war crimes and corruption.

Of course, most of the fake news media is lauding McCain as a ‘war hero’. But would meeting with real life Nazis in Ukraine and helping to prop up ISIS in Syria count as acts of ‘heroism’?

The truth regarding the damning photos above is that at the request of the Deep State, John McCain personally flew all the way to the Middle East to help establish the Islamic State in 2013.

The tactic of establishing an enemy force- only later to have the United States military stand in opposition- is a classic move on part of the infamous military industrial complex.

Years before the United States took out Saddam Hussein, Donald Rumsfeld met with the former Iraqi leader in order to broker a deal wherein the U.S. would supply Iraq with chemical weaponry.

John McCain having met with ISIS prior to the many acts of carnage committed by the Islamic State is a sure sign that the late U.S. senator cared only for enriching the Deep State at the expense of many innocent lives across the globe.

In 2014, McCain made an historic trip to Ukraine, only to embolden the country’s Neo-Nazi resistance groups against a democratically elected government.

Here’s a photo of John McCain and an actual Nazi opposition leader of Ukraine.

The photo above is one of the most damning pieces of evidence available of McCain’s hatred for everything the United States stands for.

The story regarding McCain’s trip to Ukraine involves selling weapons to actual Nazis that were later used to overthrow an entire government and incite war by proxy with Russia and Vladimir Putin.

Ironically, McCain stood firm against claims that Russia interfered in the 2016 U.S. election, all the whilst himself having interfered in Ukraine’s internal affairs.

John McCain was one of the most pro-war politicians in Washington. McCain was always ready at a moment’s notice to send your sons and daughters off into the wastelands of some foreign country in order to fight on behalf of the Deep State military industrial complex.

John McCain also supported every measure that involved stripping Americans of their fourth Amendment rights to privacy, utilizing the smokescreen of the global war on terror in order to justify a broad encroachment of constitutionally protected freedoms.

John McCain may have served his country militarily, but having done so should not have granted immunity in committing many treasonous crimes against the United States of America.

John McCain wasn’t a war hero. John McCain was a war criminal.

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