French Muslims are totally scared of Le Pen

French Muslims are totally scared of Le Pen

Grant J. Kidney, April 25, 2017-

Muslims in France are absolutely terrified of Presidential contender, Marine Le Pen.

Le Pen has vowed to rid France of its Islamic scourge. Because of this, Muslims are in total panic, similar to how illegal immigrants in the United States reacted when Donald Trump became the 45th President.

Here is a fantastic image captured from a Politico article about Muslims bracing for a possible Le Pen presidency.

“If Marine Le Pen arrives in power, this dream of ours… will be finished,” declared a Muslim student in Paris. Check out the Politico article where the quote and screenshot originate.

The ‘dream’ of the Islamic caliphate is for huge swaths of territory to be conquered by Jihadi fighters. Here’s an actual map released by the Islamic State which demonstrates this wild ambition.

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