Google’s ‘racial justice’ department declares war on Whites

Google’s ‘racial justice’ department declares war on Whites

Grant J. Kidney, April 4, 2017-

The website ‘Tech Crunch’ recently sat down with Justin Steele, head of Google’s ‘racial justice’ department (yes, they actually have one of those), to discuss ‘racial inequity’ in Western societies.

The conversation was an unbelievable insult to White people which began with a young black host’s dissertation on ‘hate cimes, immigration bans, police killings of black people and the lack of diversity in tech’.

The host continues, ‘In the months following the election, there were over 1000 documented incidents of bias related harassment and intimidation toward immigrants, black people, muslim people and LGBT people’.

Watch the incredibly embarrassing video below.

Here’s my breakdown of what you just saw:

‘Hate crimes’

First, let’s talk about ‘hate crimes’ as mentioned by the host at the beginning of the clip.

Many of the supposed hate crimes in the wake of Trump’s election have been thoroughly debunked as false flags perpetrated by the victims themselves.

And why no mention of Jewish graves being overturned or bomb threats made to synagogues? Answer- because leftists are supremely anti-Semitic by nature.

‘Diversity in the tech world’

Later, Google’s Justin Steele was introduced who was then asked about ‘diversity’ in Silicon Valley. ‘The numbers in tech have a lot of room for growth’, declared Steele.

Interestingly enough, it isn’t White people who are dominating the tech world. Asians and Indians have a massive presence in Silicon Valley. Even the LA Times labeled Indian immigrants the new tech ‘titans’.

One thing is for sure however- there aren’t a whole lot of black people in tech. One can speculate endlessly as to why this is- but one look at today’s black culture and the answer becomes abundantly clear. Technology just doesn’t seem to be the strong suit of a hoodlum or gangster.

Satya Nadella, who is NOT White, heads up Microsoft, one of the most powerful companies in the world.

‘Black Googler Network’

Later in the clip, Steele declares himself a member of the ‘Black Googler Network’ which organized a ‘hoodie march’ after the death of Trayvon Martin. Steele describes the march as one of the most ‘mass consciousness raising moments inside the company’.

By the way, Trayvon Martin wasn’t gunned down by a particularly ‘White’ man. He was shot by George Zimmerman, an Hispanic with a Jewish last name.

And what’s with this ‘Black Googler Network’? Could you imagine the outrage if there was a ‘White Googler Network’?

According to Google’s own resources, the Black Googler Network is designed to ‘fuel inclusion at Google’.

Consumers don’t care about ‘racial justice’

What is it with all these big tech companies pushing for ‘inclusion’? Why can’t they just make their damn products and let customers buy from them? How does the production of a smartphone have anything to do with the concepts of ‘racial justice’ and ‘equality’?

At the end of the day, customers could care less about ‘inclusion at Google’ and more about whether Google accurately pulls up a search result for them.

Silicon Valley is facing an existential crisis. Either they can continue churning out useful products that people want to buy or they can go this funky, ‘racial justice’ route and ultimately alienate the average, everyday consumer who just wants a product that does what its supposed to do.

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