Gross: New York Mag interviews, praises pedophile

Gross: New York Mag interviews, praises pedophile

Grant J. Kidney, August 19, 2016-

The prominent ‘New York Magazine’ recently conducted an interview with a 62 year old pedophile for a section of their publication called ‘The Science of Us’.

The interview was a total love-fest of the sickest variety. The publication  treated the pedophile in question as though a rock-star on tour.

In the article, the unnamed pedophile in question openly declares his sexual attraction to extremely young children stating,

I’m a pedophile, so I’m sexually attracted to children. I think small girls are just the most wonderful people, and in fantasy or some imaginary world, I’d like to be sexual with them.

The interviewee goes on to explain how, due to his sexual attraction to young girls, his marriage came to an abrupt end and he has since decided to remain celibate due to his illegal sexual preference.

Later, the interviewee discusses his disdain for the adult female body, preferring instead, the body of a small child below the age of 4.

I’ve always had this sense that breasts are an unfortunate thing that happens to women when they age, like gray hair…

I think I remember thinking as they aged above 4 or 5, “Oh, well, too bad their golden years are over”

I like that they are small. I love that. I like that their skin is so smooth, so pure and full of potential — even more than the 25-year-olds. Very often small girls have terrific hair. I like their flat chests and the idea that they have no pubic hair.

Disturbing: Pedophile prefers girls aged 4 or younger.
Interviewed pedophile prefers girls aged 4 or younger.

Leaving nothing sacred, the NY Mag interview continues to probe further asking what was most attractive about 4 year old girls’ bodies. “Ultimately? Every aspect.”, responded the 62 year old pedophile.

To highlight just how deep this interview really plunged, here is a sample of one of the questions asked of the seemingly ‘celebrated’ pedophile on display:

So, to clarify: In an effort to avoid porn, so as to not lie to your partner, you found images of children online and that was enough to satisfy you, or enough to use to masturbate or fuel your fantasies for later masturbation “sessions”?

Of course however, the question of ‘moral justification’ came in to play later during the interview.

When asked if it was ‘okay’ to have sexual fantasies about small girls, the pedophile responded,

I have some embarrassment, but no guilt… One part of happiness is honoring feelings while treating people well. So celibate pedophilia fit right into that very easily.

Earlier this year, the liberal website Salon conducted a similar interview with a pedophile who admitted to hurrying into a restroom only so that he could ‘relieve’ himself after an encounter with a prepubescent girl.

Efforts to ‘normalize’ pedophilia are fast underway with some attempts to categorize the mental illness as a ‘sexual preference’ just like hetero or homosexuality.

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