Harvard starts anti-Trump ‘resistance school’

Harvard starts anti-Trump ‘resistance school’

Grant J. Kidney, April 4, 2017-

Harvard University has done the unreasonable and the unthinkable- they’ve actually created a left-wing, anti-Trump ‘resistance school’ on campus.

The program is designed to teach students how to  ‘mobilize and organize’ whole communities against the 45th President of the United States.

Anti-Trump rioters deface property with the words, ‘Kill Trump’

School organizers say they hope to impart the ‘skills’ needed to ‘effectively resist the Trump agenda’ through the launch of this new and unbelievably stupid university program.

I’m sure much of the curriculum taught will focus solely on how to righteously display ‘tolerance’ when face to face with a Donald Trump supporter.

A cartoon demonstrating the sheer reality of the anti-Trump movement now being promoted by Harvard.

Harvard, like all other universities in America, has been effectively subdued by left-wing fanatics hell bent on subverting and perverting the minds of our youth with utter bullshit and propaganda.

In 2016, Harvard actually cancelled the entire season for men’s soccer after it was revealed that male players had ‘ranked’ female players on order of attractiveness. Since when is men acting like biological men a malicious ‘crime’ punishable through administrative school action?

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