Here’s the FULL IMPACT of Trump’s wrath on ‘fake news’ Buzzfeed

Here’s the FULL IMPACT of Trump’s wrath on ‘fake news’ Buzzfeed

Grant J. Kidney, January 11, 2017-

At a press conference today, Donald Trump called out a reporter as an agent of ‘fake news’ attempting to spread lies and disinformation about alleged ties to Russia, prostitutes and ‘golden showers’.

Trump valiantly shot down his accusers by maintaining that he has no ties- business or otherwise- to either Russia or to Vladimir Putin.

The President-elect has been under constant fire from ‘fake news’ websites posing as legitimate outlets of information ever since announcing his candidacy back in 2015.

Recently though, the label ‘fake news’ has taken on whole new meaning after the website Buzzfeed announced to the world that Donald Trump paid Russian prostitutes to urinate on his body.

Such claims have been effectively shut down by many different sources including those who’ve made it a mission attacking Donald Trump.

Despite the controversy however, Buzzfeed has yet to pull their fake news article about the alleged Trump piss scandal.

Perhaps when Trump assumes full power on January 20th, he’ll be able to use the FCC to effectively END Buzzfeed for being a purveyor of outright lies and B.S. propaganda.

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