Hungarian PM says George Soros is de-Christianizing Europe

Hungarian PM says George Soros is de-Christianizing Europe

Grant J. Kidney, August 1, 2017-

The Prime Minister of Hungary believes George Soros is attempting to radically alter the racial and spiritual make-up of Europe.

Soros, who operates on a supranational level, holds no allegiance to any one country and yet has tentacles stretched across the globe. 

As the fake media continues on its witch hunt against Donald Trump, asserting that the President colluded with Russia in order to shift last year’s election results, why is it that no one is casting a spotlight on a REAL colluder like George Soros?

From WND:

WASHINGTON – George Soros and the European Union are behind a plan to create a “mixed, Islamized Europe” according to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who further iterated that the only way to halt this demographic replacement of Christian Europeans is through a return to pro-sovereignty, pro-family values and policies.

In a speech entitled “Will Europe belong to Europeans?” Orban outlined the alliance between radically pro-migration billionaire financier George Soros and the E.U., as well as Soros’ four-point plan for the demographic replacement of Europeans through the mass-migration of primarily Muslim populations.

“Europe is currently being prepared to hand its territory over to a new mixed, Islamized Europe,” Orban told an audience in Romania. “We are observing the conscious step-by-step implementation of this policy. In order for this to happen, for the territory to be ready to be handed over, it is necessary to continue the de-Christianization of Europe – and we can see these attempts.”

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