I am going back to church. So should America.

I am going back to church. So should America.

Grant J. Kidney, January 8, 2018-

Church membership in the United States is on a rapid decline.

The fake, plastic culture which surrounds us has indoctrinated the youth of today to abandon all moral principle as well as the customs upon which America was founded.

There is a real spirit war transpiring in the world today. Demonic globalists- under the command and control of Satan himself- are transforming the world into a literal hell devoid of both God and the human spirit.

Conversely however, there are forces at work in the world today which are fighting the Satanic, atheist elite and forging a new renaissance of Christian thought and dominion.

In Eurasia, Vladimir Putin is taking Russia back to its Orthodox Christian roots. Also, there are many European countries like Poland which have recently declared openly that their national allegiance is to God, not globalism.

In the United States, President Donald Trump has surrounded himself with many Christian advisors. At Trump’s inauguration last January, the name Jesus Christ was uttered much to the dismay of establishment devils like Obama and Crooked Hillary who were in attendance at the event.

I have chosen to go back to church because I seek to improve myself as we head further into the new year. But I’m also going back because I believe that our country is doomed if we fail to honor time old traditions such as attending church in favor of the rotten, stinking globalist gobblygook shoved down everyone’s throats on a consistent basis by the fake media and fake entertainment apparatus.

Tune in as I discuss in detail.

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