If Trump legalizes marijuana, he could win in 2020

If Trump legalizes marijuana, he could win in 2020

Grant J. Kidney, April 5, 2017-

It’s no secret that the Trump administration is universally hated by the Left.

Across the nation, Trump has sparked some of the biggest protests ever witnessed in American history.

The Left is infamous for its constant whining about ‘equality’ and ‘special rights’ which extend far beyond what is already afforded them in the U.S. Constitution.

Because of this, President Trump has an uphill battle trying to appease an entire generation of infantile, left wing youth brainwashed by the fake news mainstream media and entertainment complex.

But what if there was some way in which to win over a healthy slice of America’s resistant anti-Trumpers? The good news is that such a feat can actually be accomplished.

What if President Trump fought for a blanket reversal of federal marijuana laws? What if Trump pushed for a Supreme Court decision that would legalize cannabis in all of America’s fifty states?

Late night comedian Bill Maher commands a whopping audience of vile, marijuana-dependent scum. Imagine the look on Maher’s face when Trump announces his push for a complete reversal of all marijuana laws in the United States.

Surely America’s 45th President would win some major points if the aforementioned were to become reality.

Smoking weed is part of leftist culture. It’s disgusting, but legalizing could win Trump the White House in 2020.

Now, this is an author who shuns marijuana in all its forms except for perhaps its medicinal uses. To me, marijuana culture is a slap in the face to White, Western civilization. Scruffy faced, tie-dye wearing bong-hitters aren’t necessarily an example of Western culture at its prime.

But nonetheless, totally decriminalizing marijuana could prove a very good thing for the Trump administration insofar as brand and ‘presentation’ is concerned.

Trump’s push for marijuana law overhaul could help keep away any Democratic contender from winning the White House in 2020. Leftist youth may in turn throw away their vote for whichever neo-Bolshevik ultimately wins the Democratic Party nomination.

For the leftist marijuana user, cannabis is all that matters. So long as these rats are high and eating potato chips on their couch, they should be of no threat to Donald Trump in the 2020 election. In fact, they could indeed become a valuable asset.

Now if only Attorney General Jeff Sessions could be convinced…

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