Jenna Jameson is so alt-right

Jenna Jameson is so alt-right

Grant J. Kidney, January 10, 2017-

As a teenager, I remember Jenna Jameson being this super popular porn star that all the guys in high school would salivate over. But never in my life did I think the former adult actress would blossom into something way cooler than this.

As of late, Jenna has been pissing off a whole lot of people- most notably, liberal retards and their dirty Muslim counterparts. Jameson has been ruffling so many feathers that even The Washington Times devoted an entire piece to what she’s been up to.

Jameson, an avid Donald Trump supporter, is really like a new super hero in the growing alt-right community,

Former porn star Jenna Jameson with President Donald J. Trump.

What I love most though is how Jenna has been recognizing and retweeting alt-right content from people such as your’s truly. I mark the following RT of one of my articles as a sincere accomplishment:

But what’s got liberals so pissed at Jameson is her tough words for the so called ‘religion of peace’.

On Twitter, Jenna wrote that Islam “promotes child rape, female genital mutilation, butchering non believers and polygamy.”

She also expressed some thoughts on the refugee crisis gripping Europe:

Dropping such truth bombs to the idiot public is sure to generate a huge backlash from all the dopes on social media- and indeed it has.

Jameson has since been under total assault from leftist morons and Jihadi Muslims- but, like a true warrior and champ, the former adult actress has cut these people down to rubble, exactly where they belong.

Jameson now declares herself Jewish in the wake of her romance with Israeli businessman, Lior Bitton.

And as any good Jew is aware, Islam is by no means a force of good in this world. It must be fought tooth and nail else all the world may someday be subdued beneath its dictatorial control.

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