Keith Olbermann: use ‘psych warfare’ against Trump supporters

Keith Olbermann: use ‘psych warfare’ against Trump supporters

Grant J. Kidney, January 22, 2017-

Liberal commentator Keith Olbermann appeared on Real Time with Bill Maher yesterday and called specifically for ‘psych warfare’ and online bullying to be used as a weapon against Donald Trump supporters.

“Every time you see a tweet (of Donald Trump’s), sub-tweet it, swear words- send it right back at him,” Olbermann said. “And if he doesn’t see it, somebody who supports him will- ruin their day- its a psychological war.”

Olbermann, like other liberal commentators who are supposedly bound by the ‘truth’, went completely missing during the Obama years, only to re-emerge as an attack dog against Donald Trump.

Olbermann calls for ‘Tea Party’ like resistance to Donald Trump, which he believes can effectively derail the President’s agenda.

What Olbermann and other liberal hosts need to understand is that their constant push for Tea Party like revolution against Donald Trump cannot be interspersed with calls for violence and harassment.

In stark contrast to leftist street vermin, such as those which rioted and smashed windows during Trump’s inauguration, the Tea Party organized real political power.

Thankfully- and I’m certain this disappoints Keith Olbermann- the mob like street violence observed on the Left will never, ever win an election in the United States.

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