Leftists riot over ‘white supremacist’ Republican

Leftists riot over ‘white supremacist’ Republican

Grant J. Kidney, April 2, 2017-

Above: anti-Trump rioters cause mayhem in early 2017.

Leftist student protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia have organized a massive ‘protest’ against Rep. Tom Garrett who they perceive as  representing ‘racism’ and ‘white supremacy’.

According to a post published to the planned event’s Facebook page, Republican Tom Garrett doesn’t deserve an opinion and should be ‘silenced’ rather than debated.

“We refuse to give him a platform to spout his politics of racial terror and white supremacy,” read the Facebook post. “Engaging in polite conversation with Garrett normalizes his extreme views and allows them to spread. Instead, we need to disrupt this language and these policies in order to make space to create a world in which we can all be liberated from the damning violence of white supremacy that has built and structured this nation since its inception through settler colonialism and racial chattel slavery.”

The fact that leftists are now openly admitting their disdain for the First Amendment is very telling of the direction into which our nation is headed.

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