Leftists gather to attack Whites at ‘White privilege’ event

Leftists gather to attack Whites at ‘White privilege’ event

Grant J. Kidney, April 3, 2017-

Over 2,500 leftist students, teachers and university officials will attend this year’s annual ‘White privilege’ conference scheduled to be hosted in Kansas City later this month.

Promotional material for the event declares that the conference is about examining ‘challenging concepts of privilege and oppression’. To the trained eye, the aforementioned is simply code for ‘bashing White people’.

The group’s website and YouTube channel are complete jokes, featuring unbelievably naive subject matter such as the following cartoon which attempts to explain the notion of ‘white privilege’ to what would seem to be an extremely low IQ audience.

Event organizers say the White privilege conference is not designed ‘to attack, degrade or beat up on white folks.’

Just the fact that such a suspicion would have to be countered in the first place speaks volumes of what this horribly racist and despicable event ultimately comes to represent.

By the way, I wonder what the White privilege conference folks would think of the following data which clearly shows Asian men as top earners in the United States, overtaking the dreaded ‘White male patriarchy’.

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