Leftwing perverts turn kids gay and watch them twerk

Leftwing perverts turn kids gay and watch them twerk

Grant J. Kidney, May 13, 2017-

The Left’s war on traditionalism has reached new and disgusting levels.

It wasn’t enough to have gay marriage legalized across the United States. No. What happened next was an open assault on America’s helpless youth, turning them into naked booty-dancers for pervert-pedophile adults.

Take a look at this disgusting, exploitative footage shot at a ‘gay pride parade’ taken only a few years back.

In the tweet above I called for ‘radical traditionalism’ to lead the charge in the fight against what’s happening in the Western world today.

If someone’s going to be gay, let them be gay in private. By no means however should our youth be indoctrinated in such ways that promotes the sort of activity as witnessed above.

Interestingly enough, the Left absolutely HATES Vladimir Putin, primarily because he instituted a law in Russia which forbids the indoctrination of children with ‘homosexual propaganda’.

Russia’s adoption of core-values and its embrace of traditionalism in society is the perfect blueprint for what leaders in the West ought to begin implementing as both a cause and a creed.

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