‘LGBTQ’ plots to steal midterm elections

‘LGBTQ’ plots to steal midterm elections

Grant J. Kidney, August 29, 2018-

The left wing ‘LGBTQ’ movement, owned and operated by George Soros and the Democrat party, has plotted to steal the upcoming midterm elections by championing identity politics and racial/sexual division in the streets of America.

Take the candidacy of Democrat Kyrsten Sinema, for instance. The Left has fallen in love with Sinema because she is the first openly bisexual senate nominee. In other words, Kyrsten Sinema is being heralded as a ‘hero’ all simply because she likes to have sex with both men and women equally.

Gay magazine, ‘The Washington Blade’, says that Sinema “achieved a significant victory on Tuesday in the Arizona primary when she became the first openly bisexual person to win a major party nomination to run for a U.S. Senate seat.”

“Growing up LGBT is often to be tried by fire and to wrestle with the fundamental question of who you are,” Sinema said to the Blade. “Virtually all of us have faced bullying, discrimination, exclusion, or worse. When you grow up like this, working to find common ground with people you sometimes disagree with is all you’ve ever known. That’s why LGBT leaders are some of the hardest-working, most effective leaders you’ll find.”

Ms. Sinema is a Democrat, a human being and a woman. Why it matters what her sexual preferences are is a mystery only understood by the Left.

Here, let’s ask a Hollywood liberal their thoughts on the matter:

Oops. Sorry we did.

What specific policies does Kyrsten Sinema support? What are her actual positions (other than doggy style in strap-on action. Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

The truth is that many of the Democrats running for election in November have hopped on to the identity politics bandwagon where they believe support will be granted all simply because they swing a certain way sexually or have a certain kind of skin color other than White.

The fact is, Democrats are racists who enjoy collectivizing voter blocks into easily managed identity-based groups. In one corner, Democrats have the blacks. In the other corner, Latinos. Then somewhere else, gays, lesbians and transgenders.

Group-think is core to the Democrat strategy of winning elections- especially in November. If it wasn’t for ‘strength in numbers’, Democrats would be a loose-nit social club with a wayward following of no more than ten people tops.

I mean, what are the Democrats actually running on other than “I’m gay, vote for me” and “Impeach Donald Trump”? The economy is booming. Unemployment is at historic lows. There’s really nothing for Democrats to run on other than “Trump’s a racist” or “Trump’s a Russian agent”.

We will soon find out if the Left’s strategy of rehashing identity politics in the midterm elections will produce their much anticipated ‘blue wave’ in November. Doubtful. But I’m sure they’re hoping!

Editor’s note: In the past, I have come out as what they term ‘Bisexual’. Unlike the radical Left, I don’t believe it’s important to herald my sexual preferences. There are many gays, lesbians and bisexuals who support Trump and who hate identity politics. Not understanding this concept makes you a small-minded bigot. But what else could be said of a card carrying member of the Democrat party?

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