Liberals now want Google to de-list Alex Jones from Internet searches

Liberals now want Google to de-list Alex Jones from Internet searches

Grant J. Kidney, August 16, 2018-

In a brazen attempt to silence free speech on the web, liberals are now calling for Google to completely de-list radio host Alex Jones from it’s search results.

In a recent podcast produced by USA Today, host Jefferson Graham insists that Jones be stripped of ALL existence on the Internet- not just on social media.

Graham even goes after the ‘Cloud Flare’ technology which keeps Infowars active on the web, implying that somehow, the makers of said technology are complicit in unspecified criminal activity for aiding Alex Jones.

“And thats still up and running ( thanks to Cloud Flare, the company that powers the Infowars website. They once did the same for the Daily Stormer, a Neo nazi website.”

Graham continues his attack in a sarcastic tone, supposedly annoyed by the fact that all someone has to do to learn about Alex Jones is to Google his name.

“And jones still has Google on his side, despite the YouTube ban. Google enables Jones by linking to infowars prominently in its search engine. Google ‘Alex Jones’ and after his Wikipedia and Twitter links, the Infowars site is number three. Google ‘Infowars’, and his site is number one. I think Jones can rest easy. Sure, losing Youtube and Facebook is a hit, but with all those headlines about Jones being the ‘bad boy’ of the net, all anyone has to do to learn about him, is a quick Google search, and voila, there are all those links to his website. The question now is if google will boot Jones out of its search index.

Listen to the full 2:34 second micro podcast below.

Jefferson Graham can be found on Twitter in case you’re interested in calling out this individual for his blatant attack on free speech. 

It is unbelievably frightening to hear calls for completely erasing an individual from the pages of digital history.

The Internet is full of rampant degeneration, including many attacks on White people, Christians and conservatives. Why is it that Alex Jones is the only target of leftist mobs and their fascist, tech overlords?

If the big tech companies are going to completely erase Alex Jones from the equation, then equal discrimination must be levied against all forms of content that faceless, online ‘communities’ find ‘objectionable’ online.

In my very first report about big tech’s censorship of Alex Jones, I asked why many large platforms continue to host content that otherwise would’ve drawn incredible scorn if uttered by Alex Jones or any other big name conservative.

The only real solution to big tech censorship of conservatives is for President Trump to step up to the plate, and to turn the wickedly hot button issue into a topic of debate that matches the sheer size and scale of last year’s NFL national anthem controversy.

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