Man impregnates own daughter, says he’ll marry her

Man impregnates own daughter, says he’ll marry her

Grant J. Kidney, February 6, 2018-

A North Carolina man and his flesh and blood daughter have been charged with incest after warrants revealed that the couple had engaged in sexual relations which ultimately led to pregnancy.

Katie Pladl was born to Steven Pladl and a biological mother in 1998. Katie was then given up for adoption.

Fast forward to 2016. Katie Pladl had located her original parents using social media. In August of that year, Katie moved in with her long lost mom and dad.

The situation quickly grew bizarre when Steven Pladl asked his two younger children to call Katie their ‘step mom’ and said that he had planned to marry her.

After being tipped off to suspicious happenings in the Pladl home, police began to interview the younger children involved in the murky situation.

Warrants reveal that Pladl’s children came clean during interviews regarding a sexual relationship between their father and older sister. The children told authorities that Katie became pregnant with their father’s baby.

Steven and Katie Pladl were arrested in late January and are currently being held on a $1 million bond.

The truth is that the Pladl story is but one of many cases involving incest that are currently on the rise in the United States.

Here’s a screenshot from a news article detailing the phenomenon known as ‘genetic sexual attraction’, or ‘GSA’ for short. The individuals photographed below are of a mom and daughter pair who were caught having sexual relations.

The fact that a pseudo ‘medical’ classification has been developed called ‘Genetic Sexual Attraction’ means that an inordinate number of individuals must now be coming forward as being sexually attracted to members of their own family.

Here are screenshots from a since deleted series of tweets where a young woman expresses sexual attraction for her own brother.

Incest is illegal in virtually all parts of the United States. But don’t expect the illegality of incest to stop the insane Left from pushing for it’s decriminalization and acceptance as a ‘normal’, albeit ‘celebrated’ practice among consenting adults.

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