Matthew McConaughey to Hollywood: give Trump a chance

Matthew McConaughey to Hollywood: give Trump a chance

Grant J. Kidney, February 2, 2017-

Not every Hollywood actor is a blundering, liberal idiot. Case in point, Matthew McConaughey.

Recently the A-list actor came out in support of Donald Trump and asked Hollywood to accept and work with the new President of the United States.

McConaughey expressed his views during a recent taping of the Andrew Marr Show saying, “He’s our president now, we must embrace, shake hands and be constructive with him.”

Despite McConaughey’s call for unity among fellow actors and actresses, attendees at the recent ‘Screen Actor’s Guild Awards’ weren’t so ‘diplomatic’ nor embracing of President Donald Trump.

Actress Julia Louis-Drefus called President Trump’s so called ‘Muslim ban’ an ‘un-American’ precedent.

Lily Tomlin also spoke out, suggesting that Donald Trump is using ‘Nazi tactics’ to get what he wants as President.

Hollywood has always been so liberal- but never before has the cultural institution taken such a hard stance against a sitting President of the United States.

With so much brainwashing power at its disposal, Hollywood holds in its hands the key to either total unity or total division during the four to eight years of the Donald Trump administration.

Thankfully, independent media and entertainment is on the rise and a large percentage of the voting demographic isn’t so easily swayed anymore by what entitled nincompoop celebrities tout as ‘political opinion’.

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