More ‘Drag Queen story hours’ planned for kids across America

More ‘Drag Queen story hours’ planned for kids across America

Grant J. Kidney, August 25, 2018-

Last year, an epic controversy involving young children, evil drag queens, your’s truly, and the Church of Satan, unfolded on social media after I tweeted an image of a devilish appearing transgender reading story books to young kids.

My tweet went viral, and was even discussed by independent media personalities such as Alex Jones, Gavin McInnes and Mark Dice after the so called ‘Church of Satan’ retweeted my graphic, along with the comment, ‘Hail Satan!’, thereby indicating support for the evil drag queens influencing young kids.

But ‘Drag Queen story hours’ have since become a huge phenomenon in the West.

Across the U.K. and the U.S., small children are being read to and indoctrinated by terrifying transsexual beings, equipped with devil horns and other such accessories.

In the U.S., several new Drag Queen story hours are planned for Alabama, New Jersey and other states.

In Lafayette, Louisiana, Mayor Joel Robideaux has threatened to cancel an upcoming Drag Queen story hour in his hometown, much to the dismay of the Left.

Many of the children attending Drag Queen story hours are only three to six years old.

Incidentally, the radical Left believes that kids as young as two are capable of ‘picking’ which gender they’d prefer to be recognized as.

For me personally, I couldn’t decide which ‘Ninja Turtle’ was my favorite at two years of age. It is an incredible stretch of the imagination then to believe that young kids are capable of contemplating whether or not they were ‘born into the wrong body’.

Recently in Canada, a new law has been passed which takes kids away from parents who disallow their children from becoming transgender. In the United States, former President Joe Biden is also fighting for similar legislation.

The real plot is that liberals and globalists want to sexualize kids at a very young age so as to begin introducing a ‘pedophile acceptance movement’ to the public at large.

Just as it was with the fight for ‘LGBT’ rights, liberals are now seeking to normalize and legalize adult-child sex.

Drag Queen story hours are an abomination to what is right and true in the world. The fact that any parent would take their child to such an event indicates the sheer stupidity that has crept into our culture- a stupidity that will ultimately serve as Western civilization’s great undoing.

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