Mormonism is a weapon against the globalists

Mormonism is a weapon against the globalists

Grant J. Kidney, June 19, 2017-

I’m a recent convert to the Mormon faith. I made this incredible leap for a variety of reasons. One of those reasons is Mormonism’s strong sense of family values and tradition.

Our culture is truly out of whack. We live in a day where men become women, women become men, and the words ‘mother’ and ‘father’ have become virtually banned.

Prior to my conversion, I did a lot of soul searching as to which religion would best suit my needs. I looked at Catholicism, Judaism and all shades in between. Finally, I decided that Mormonism was the best option- but it wasn’t because of doctrine and philosophy alone.

We live in an age where church attendance is at an all time low. Meanwhile, violent crime and all manner of sickening perversions reign supreme.

Church attendance and organized religion are the backbone of Western civilization. Without these sacred traditions operating in full effect, everything falls apart. If we’re not quick to recognize down-trends, sooner than we know, all of America may someday resemble the south side of Chicago.

In Mormonism, religious doctrine isn’t all that’s emphasized. There are certain other cultural standards that other faiths and traditions will simply ignore.

I wanted a church with culture. I didn’t want some ‘non-denominational free-for-all’ where Christian rock is performed and attendees all wear sweat-pants and hoodies. The great thing about Mormonism is that it’s the complete opposite to the aforementioned structure.

Mormonism promotes values not seen in America since before the drug addicts and communists took over in the 1960’s.

Mormonism really takes a hammer to the globalist blueprint for America. Here are but a few of the observable ways in which this notion is qualified:

  1. Mormons strongly opposed the push for gay-marriage.
  2. Mormons have big families and teach children old-school respect for elders
  3. Mormons view men as head of the family, as well as exclusive heirs to ‘priesthood authority’
  4. Mormons can live up to a decade longer than non-Mormons because of adherence to a special health code which forbids alcohol, tobacco, excess of meat consumption and etc. (compare to the globalist plan which has made everyone fat and addicted to drugs).
  5. Mormonism is a distinctly American religion which considers the United States blessed and sealed by God for divine purposes.

Part of what I do as a political commentator is to never engage in theological debates. My pick in Mormonism may be controversial to those who doctrinally challenge certain precepts of the faith- but nonetheless, all of the points outlined above as to why Mormonism is a huge thorn in the globalist’s side hold massive weight which cannot be denied.

Globalists panic when tradition is put into practice. One thing is for sure- Mormons will not allow America to be converted into a global, Soviet style dictatorship layered with perverted, social justice ‘values’.

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