Muslim spies arrested in US, big terror attack soon

Muslim spies arrested in US, big terror attack soon

Grant J. Kidney, August 29, 2018-

Recently, two secret agents from Iran were arrested after they were caught spying on several facilities in California.

But why are CNN, MSNBC and other fake news outlets quiet regarding the subject?

Rep. Peter Roskam of Illinois is now warning that what we have seen thus far regarding Islamic sleeper cells in the United States is just the ‘tip of the iceberg’– meaning, in all likelihood, a new 9/11 style attack is being planned right now for America.

“Iran has been emboldened by the lack of international repercussions on its malevolent behavior and may have increased its intelligence operations in America in the years since the landmark nuclear deal.” Roskam said.

Former intelligence officer, Michael Pregent, is also warning of catastrophe.

“They are as good or better at explosive devices than ISIS, they are better at assassinations and developing assassination cells,” Pregent says. “They’re better at targeting, better at looking at things, and they can outsource attacks to Hezbollah.”

But it isn’t just Iran which is plotting mass terror in America.

Only weeks ago, an Islamic compound in New Mexico was discovered where children were being taught to carry out mass school shootings.

The question now is, why isn’t Homeland Security issuing a red-level alert to all U.S. citizens, warning of impending catastrophe such as our country has not seen since 9/11?

Perhaps leftist influence over the media would brand any and all attempts to warn of Islamic terror as ‘racist’, despite the fact that Islam isn’t actually a race.

The sad reality is that if and when a new Muslim attack cripples the United States, there will be many who say that our goal should not be to ‘single out Muslims’ in the aftermath, because ‘not all Muslims are terrorists’. This backward logic is easily countered by the fact that almost all acts of terrorism in the world are perpetrated by Muslims.

Here’s a Fox News clip from 2017 documenting a timeline of Islamic terror attacks against the West, dating back an entire decade.

Calls for Islamic violence against the US have ratcheted up ever since Trump took a hardline against Iran insofar as the infamous nuclear deal is concerned. Shouts of ‘Death to America’ echo throughout the streets of Tehran, with effigies of President Trump being beat and burned by unruly mobs.

President Trump has been tasked with keeping America safe from enemies both foreign and domestic.

Concerned citizens must write and call the White House, asking President Trump to sound the alarm to impending doom, and urging families to take immediate measures to protect themselves from any and all potential Islamic threats possibly lurking in their own back yards.

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