Muslims in Europe begin enslaving Jews, women and Christians

Muslims in Europe begin enslaving Jews, women and Christians

Grant J. Kidney, January 1, 2018-

The Islamic invasion of Europe is bad for Jews, women, Christians and other groups deemed ‘infidels’ by the so called ‘religion of peace’.

Liberals in the West however have embraced the regressive practices of Islam, including the wearing of hijabs, which are now being pushed mainstream and sold by companies like Nike.

Europe’s rapidly shifting demographics is a particularly troubling phenomenon for Jews who feel as though a repeat of the Nazi era is fast approaching.

Breitbart reports on how Jews in Germany now feel it necessary to be escorted by police due to growing Muslim anti-semitism in what were once predominantly Jewish neighborhoods.

Former president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany Charlotte Knobloch claims that Jews are increasingly under threat in public and may require police protection to lead a normal life without harassment and violence.

Ms Knobloch, who is now the President of the Jewish Community of Munich and Upper Bavaria, said that Jews are increasingly under threat, Die Welt reports.

“Aggressive anti-Semitism, from verbal hostility on the Internet and in the analogue world to desecration and destruction to physical attacks are commonplace in Germany,” she said.

“Jewish life can only take place in public under police protection and the strictest security precautions, or it must be completely cancelled for security reasons,” Knobloch added.

Life under constant threat of violence is psychological enslavement. No one deserves to live in such ways.

So where does the madness end? Only a mass deportation of every Muslim invader into Europe will solve the stark crisis at hand.

They came in at once, they can be deported at once. Its really that simple.

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