Nearly 3,000 murders committed in Mexico in a single month

Nearly 3,000 murders committed in Mexico in a single month

Grant J. Kidney, August 22, 2018-

Mexican crime statistics show that nearly 3,000 homicide investigations were opened in the month of July alone, breaking all records in the nation’s blood soaked history.

According to the LA Times:

“Killings have been rising steadily in Mexico since 2015 as increasingly fragmented criminal groups battle for control of drug trafficking routes and other illegal markets, such as stolen fuel and cargo.

Many in Mexico say the country’s crime-fighting efforts are also partly to blame for the rising body count.

With U.S. backing, Mexico has gone to battle against the cartels, jailing drug users and drug runners, destroying opium and marijuana fields and sending thousands of armed soldiers into the streets.”

Yesterday, we learned that Mollie Tibbitts, a missing woman from Iowa, was slain by an illegal immigrant from Mexico. Yet despite Mollie’s death, many brain dead liberals continue in their calls to obstruct any efforts made by the Trump administration to build a wall on the southern, U.S. border.

Importing an entire group of people who know no other life than drugs, rape and violence, means that a natural replication of such vile activity will no doubt unfold when said group is relocated into the United Stats.

But don’t bother convincing a liberal- and don’t even bother sharing actual Mexican crime statistics.

To many left wing loons, knowledge isn’t power. Knowledge is the enemy.

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