Netanyahu says Islam is destroying Europe

Netanyahu says Islam is destroying Europe

Grant J. Kidney, July 18, 2017-

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu says that Islam is completely devastating Europe.

The Jewish Prime Minister made his remarks in Paris while visiting with French President Macron.

Netanyahu labeled Islam a ‘political’ philosophy which seeks to ‘destroy both Israel and European countries’.

Netanyahu is a proud promoter of strong national security in Israel. Earlier this year, the Prime Minister tweeted support for Donald Trump’s border wall between Mexico and the United States.

Israel has adopted a very tough stance with regards to fighting Islamic terrorism.

In its first ever encounter with the Islamic State, Israel called out its Air Force and wiped out an entire brigade of encroaching ISIS fighters.

Europe has witnessed a string of terror attacks which have coincided with the influx of migrants from all over Africa and the Middle East.

Macron has inherited a country reeling in pain after multiple terror attacks have swept through the French nation.

Tragically, France’s last hope against Islamic terror was probably in the election of Marine Le Pen.

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