Nike ignores boycott, releases new Kaepernick ad

Nike ignores boycott, releases new Kaepernick ad

Grant J. Kidney, September 5, 2018-

After Nike selected Colin Kaepernick to represent their global, sporting-brand, millions of disenfranchised consumers began burning and destroying Nike gear in protest.

According to reports, Nike lost nearly $4 billion in market value in the wake of the resultant boycott.

But despite having lost such an insane amount of money in a single trading day, Nike has doubled down on their hatred for the American flag, the American National Anthem and the average American consumer.

Here’s a brand spanking new ad released by Nike just today featuring narration by none other than the ungrateful Colin Kaepernick himself.

Kaepernick, a millionaire sports star who praises Communist dictators and who labels cops as ‘pigs’, pretends to be a premier voice for the oppressed.

Kaepernick’s anti-American antics were even enough to impress former Iranian dictator, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Nike’s blatant defiance of the American consumer will ultimately take a huge toll on the company’s bottom line. Give it time.

But until then, enjoy this IMPROVED version of Nike’s new campaign that would’ve created billions of dollars in revenue for the company.

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